Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy Are a Good Match


I was so happy when my doctor told me that I was pregnant. I thought I was, but I had so many false alarms in the past that I was afraid to get my hopes about this time. Once the test results came back as positive, I went out and bought several books on pregnancies. I wanted to do this right, so I was taking no chances. One of the things that I read in two of the books I got was how chiropractic care is essential during pregnancy. I did a search for a chiropractor in Carmichael CA so I could get some more information on this.

It was pretty easy to find the chiropractor that I wanted to use. I looked at several in the area, but this is the one that impressed me the most because of their website. I was able to read about the benefits of using chiropractic care during pregnancy, and I made an appointment for later that week. Even though I was just in my first trimester and was not experiencing any physical hardships yet, I still wanted to get the ball rolling so my body would not have to go through any if at all possible.

The chiropractor talked with me about pregnancy and chiropractic care, then he did an examination on me. Everything was in proper order, so he gave me my first adjustment that day. As my pregnancy progressed, I felt no lower back pain like a lot of my friends experienced. I know that is because I was getting the chiropractic treatment that all pregnant women should have. It also made for a very easy and quick delivery that had zero complications. My baby is nearly a year old now, but I still go for regular adjustments because they just make me feel so much better overall.